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Our Services

Our services follow international engineering method, proven, and strict international compliances.

New automation systems design, we design from conceptual phase, assisting your process engineer, up to comissioning phase. 
Plant down time always take time to analyze especially in automation area. We minimize your production downtime by analyze your current situation, and overcome the problem.
Sometime, we need to take action before problem occur. Amolindo help you in assessment and risk analysis about your automation system and minimize the risk in future and prevent longer downtime.
Similiar to design but this is applied to existing plant / machinery. Most of the design already in your engineering office but need to syncronize to current technology and applied the newest standards & plant integration system ie. MES / ERP. 
Special Project

Automation Project Management

Our special service - project management for automation, this is leading your automation project team from rise to dawn. Usually client use this option when they dont have enough experienced project leader for automation but they want their human asset to have the knowledge and learn about of the project plant / machinery so when the project over, then can put their human asset to maintenance the process plant / machinery system.


Why us
Affordable Price in the Industry
Affordable Price in the Industry
They say

High Price = High Quality

but for us

Efficiency = Low Cost = High Quality

10+ Experiences
10+ Experiences
We have experiences engineer that already on this business for 10+ years. We gain knowledge in every time we design and upgrade the system. 
We have the time 
We have the time 
We believe the client can do it but doesnt have enough time to do it, we have the time to do it for you, at least you can use your time wisely. 
Local Engineer 
Local Engineer 
We are Indonesian local, we speak local language and gladly help our fellow engineer in achieve their success. 

The Industrial Area

Nowadays, Automation System are more common in every field, check above how we can support your system.


Automation System are in state of art when talk about pharmaceutical system. The System must comply a set of rule : GMP, Batch Processing, FDA Requirements,  plant integration & validation, and batch recording  / logging. Amolindo Automation System are advance in the plant integration and validation. We make sure the trace ability, batch recording, CIP System and preventative maintenance are well applied.


Similiar to pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage have strict set of rules. These are GMP,  batch production, HACCP Quality, and batch recording/logging, and much more. We are experiences in high speed food & beverage system. We combined automation batching system with a preventative maintenance. 


Amolindo have experiences in upgrade common machinery. This can be packaging, paper industry, printing, cosmetics.

Most of the machine are not connected with each other and with Automation,  your manufacturing system can be connected to each other and can manage them from central production control room.


We always like machine maker, its local state of art in Indonesia industrial system. With combining ours experiences with their expertise, we can create technology that can help a sustainable Indonesia machinery industry.



Agry food are one of important economic for Indonesia. The Automation can help agry industrial and animal feed industry to achieve efficient production cost. The preventative system and early warning alarming system will help to minimize error, and give warning when the actual setpoint ie. silo temp, are in trouble. 


The automation are common in oil & gas and chemical plant. The industrial are using continuous production. Automation system in oil & gas usually use the DCS system combined with older control room.  The uses of Risk Hazard Technique ATEX / IS & SIL Intrumentation system are common to minimize hazard. When talking about oil & gas automation, we talk about alarming & safety condition. Where the automation are responsible for safety system and minimize hazard and also for logging.


Mining are continuous production. They tend to have their own power plant due to mining area and usually have their own smelter. The automation system are common use in power plant, controlling conveyer, and kiln system. The power are commonly trip due to kiln in heavy duty. 


Metal & Steel usually use automation for conveyer and temperature control. They are based on PID system to achieve temperature setpoint and keep it constant. The trip and power failure are common, so the automation design need to calculate - the power  safety system and production alarming system. New steel / metal plant are using vision sensor to detect the thick of the products. Since they are semi batch ~ continous production system, the automation are implemented in special system.


Similiar to Oil & Gas, power plant are continuous system. They always running and need to maintain boiler and turbine running well. The combined new technology - automation and old control desk are common. The system need to overcome unpredicted failure and backup system are expected because power plant play vital role in every industries.


Today, the port are using automation for their Ship To Shore crane and  using what it called as ASC - automatic Stacking Crane. The automation are using lot system such as vision sensor for the balance of the crane head. It also use radar and infrared sensor to determine range between crane. It also use plc, ipc, and radio controller for each crane. They connect it via fiber optic from remote io to central plc which are connected to HMI for operator desk. 


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